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The Porcine Translational Research Database

The data in the Porcine Translational Research Database is supported by >5800 references, and contains 65 data fields for each entry, including >9700 full length (5′ and 3′) unambiguous pig sequences, >2400 real time PCR assays and reactivity information on >1700 antibodies. It also contains gene and/or protein expression data for >2200 genes and identifies and corrects errors (gene duplications artifacts, mis-assemblies, mis-annotations, and incorrect species assignments) for >2,000 porcine genes. This database is the largest manually curated database for any single veterinary species and is unique among porcine gene databases in regard to linking gene expression to gene function, identifying related gene pathways, and connecting data with other porcine gene database.

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Dawson , Harry D.
Chen, Celine
Gaynor, Brady J.
Shao, Jonathan
Urban, Joseph F.
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Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center, 10300 Baltimore, Ave. Beltsville, MD
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Intended Use
To provide a centralized, manually-curated source of genomic and proteomic information for swine in biomedical research.
Use Limitations
The database provides data for approximately 1/2 of the genome. Furthermore the database, as currently formatted, only provides the sequence for the longest RNA transcript or protein.
USDA Agricultural Research Service
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Dawson, Harry
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Dawson, H. D., Chen, C., Gaynor, B., Shao, J., & Urban, J. F., Jr. (2017). The porcine translational research database: a manually curated, genomics and proteomics-based research resource. BMC Genomics, 18(1), 643.

Wang, Thomas
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Agricultural Research Service
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005:037 - Department of Agriculture - Research and Education
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005:18 - Agricultural Research Service
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  • Genomics & Genetics
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