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RxCADRE 2008, 2011, and 2012: Radiometer data

This package contains data from dual-band, tower-mounted radiometers deployed during the Prescribed Fire Combustion and Atmospheric Dynamics Research Experiment (RxCADRE) burn blocks in 2008, 2011, and 2012. These burn blocks are located at Eglin Air Force Base, northeast of Valparaiso, Florida, and at the Joseph Jones Ecological Research Center at Ichauway, near Camilla, Georgia. The radiometers have a nadir, downward-looking perspective. Raw voltages recorded by the radiometers were calibrated and used to estimate fire radiative power (FRP) and fire radiative energy (FRE) fluxes as fuel burned within their fields of view (FOV) at these locations. The archive includes two types of files, the first is an Excel file with macros (*.xlsm) that calibrates the raw voltage output. The second file type is a comma-delimited text file (*.csv) containing calibrated data. In a subset of datasets from 2011, saturated values near peak FRP were replaced with fitted values and, in those cases, an extra set of Excel and text files including the fitted values are provided.

Release Date
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Area
POLYGON ((-86.77 31.27, -84.42 31.27, -84.42 30.51, -86.77 30.51))
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location
Data represent geolocations of ground radiometers deployed on prescribed fires at either Eglin Air Force Base, approximately 13 kilometers (km) northeast of Valparaiso, Florida or at the Joseph Jones Ecological Research Center at Ichauway, approximately 1
Forest Service Research Data Archive
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Dickinson, Matthew
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005:059 - Department of Agriculture - Management Activities
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005:96 - Forest Service
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Last Harvest PerformedSat, 01/18/2020 - 15:18

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