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Shawnee National Forest Geospatial Data

GIS data is available on the Forest’s FTP site in the form of “shape files” or layers and is available free for downloading. To utilize these data layers you will need a program that uses the Geographic Information System (GIS) such as ESRI’s ArcMap, ArcView or the free map reading program ArcGIS Explorer. ArcGIS Explorer has tools that let you zoom in/out, print the map, and query data. It also has map tips to identify features, and a help menu. ArcGIS Explorer is available as a free download from the ESRI website.

Included is a list of GIS data files available for the Shawnee National Forest. These GIS data files are updated on a continuing basis. It should be noted that this data may have been developed from sources of differing accuracy, accurate only at certain scales, based on modeling or interpretation, or incomplete while being created or revised. Overall accuracy, completeness and timeliness may vary. The following geospatial information/data was prepared by the Shawnee National Forests (US Forest Service). The Forest Service reserves the right to correct, update, modify or replace GIS data without notification.

Release Date
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location
Shawnee National Forest, Southern Illinois
USDA Forest Service
Contact Name
Griffith, Rob
Contact Email
Public Access Level
Bureau Code
005:96 - Forest Service