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Prioritization of dam rehabilitation, improved flood warning systems, development of emergency action plans, and inform policy makers on zoning regulations. Earthen/Vegetated Auxiliary Spillway Erosion Prediction for Dams.

SITES models watershed runoff from a rainfall event and then routes the resulting hydrograph through a dam to hydraulically proportion the principal spillway and auxiliary spillway. SITES also models erosion in earthen and vegetated auxiliary spillways. The three-phase erosion model was jointly developed by the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) and the NRCS. The Sites software has great flexibility in developing the auxiliary spillway rating and evaluating exit channel stability. SITES accepts vegetal retardance potential for flow resistance input as well as Manning's n, and flow resistance can vary from reach to reach in the spillway. SITES develops a spillway rating for subcritical exit channel flow. For both supercritical and subcritical flows, SITES evaluates exit channel stability using the allowable tractive stress approach.

When applied in design, the earth spillway erosion model incorporated into SITES is normally used to evaluate the potential for spillway breach under a freeboard hydrograph having at least 24 hours rainfall duration.

The Natural Resources Conservation Service, the Agricultural Research Service, and Kansas State University used government funds to develop the Water Resources Site Analysis Program (SITES) computer program. It may be downloaded for use and copying at no additional expense or license requirements.

The SITES software is a descendent of the DAMS2 program, a rainfall-runoff routing program developed for watershed dam design and analysis. SITES includes auxiliary spillway performance evaluation through the joint efforts of the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) and the NRCS. The Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for SITES was developed cooperatively by NRCS, ARS, and Kansas State University. The SITES computer program can be used for both TR-60 watershed dams and 378 CO-01 dams.

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