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Snowmelt Runoff Model for Windows (WinSRM)

The Snowmelt-Runoff Model (WinSRM) is designed to simulate and forecast daily streamflow in mountain basins where snowmelt is a major runoff factor. The Snowmelt Runoff Model (SRM) is a simple degree-day model that requires remote sensing input in the form of basin or zonal snow cover extent. The model has been tested successfully on over 60 basins worldwide in the simulation and forecast modes. Model variables are derived from actual observations of temperature, precipitation, and snow covered area. Model parameters can either be derived from measurements or estimated by hydrological judgement taking into account the basin characteristics, physical laws, and theoretical or empirical relationships. To facilitate use of SRM, a microcomputer version of the program has been developed for IBM compatible personal computers. The program itself features user-oriented input and multiple self-help screens which allow the user to select the kind of data input employed and the output products desired.

Release Date
United States Department of Agriculture
Contact Name
Rango, Al
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Program Code
005:040 - Department of Agriculture - National Research
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005:18 - Agricultural Research Service