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*** Please note: This software is no longer being updated or maintained, and is out of date. ***

SPUR2 DOS ver. 2.2 is a general grassland ecosystem simulation model designed to determine beef cattle performance and production by simultaneously simulating production of up to 15 plant species on 36 heterogeneous grassland sites. SPUR2 simulates grassland hydrology, nitrogen cycling, and soil organic matter on grazed ecosystems as well as rangeland production under different climatic regimes, environmental conditions, and management alternatives.

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USDA Agricultural Research Service
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United States Department of Agriculture
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Derner, Justin
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Pierson, F., Carlson, D., & Spaeth, K. (2001). A process-based hydrology submodel dynamically linked to the plant component of the simulation of production and utilization on rangelands SPUR model. Ecological Modelling, 141(1-3), 241-260.

AgID: 36394
Related Article

Teague, W., & Foy, J. (2002). Validation of SPUR2.4 rangeland simulation model using a cow-calf field experiment. Agricultural Systems, 74(2), 287-302.

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Agricultural Research Service
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005:037 - Department of Agriculture - Research and Education
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005:18 - Agricultural Research Service
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