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Stream Temperature Modeling and Monitoring: Air Temperature Based Thermal Stream Habitat Model

The Air Temperature Based Thermal Stream Habitat Model was originally developed from weather station information across the Columbia River basin in the Pacific Northwest. Multiple regression was used to predict mean annual air temperatures from elevation, latitude, and longitude with good success R^2 ~ 0.89). The model was developed as an alternative to PRISM data interpolations based on spline surface smoothing and should more accurately represent thermal conditions in stream valleys.

Included herein are details of methods and metadata, maps of various stream temperature scenarios, data downloads of model inputs and GIS Layers, and related publications.

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US Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station Boise Aquatic Sciences Lab
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USDA Forest Service
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Isaak, Dan
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Rieman, B. E., Isaak, D., Adams, S., Horan, D., Nagel, D., Luce, C., & Myers, D. (2007). Anticipated climate warming effects on bull trout habitats and populations across the interior Columbia River basin. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society, 136: 1552-1565.

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