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Sustainable Corn CAP Research Data (USDA-NIFA Award No. 2011-68002-30190): ARDN Products

The Agricultural Research Data Network (ARDN) provides dataset annotations which facilitate interoperability. For information on how to use ARDN annotations and other data products, see https://agmip.github.io/ARDN/ARDN_how.html. The ARDN project (https://data.nal.usda.gov/ardn) is a network of datasets harmonized and aggregated using a common vocabulary termed ICASA. ICASA is a recommended data dictionary by USDA NAL with full description of all variables here.

The Sustainable Corn CAP (Cropping Systems Coordinated Agricultural Project: Climate Change, Mitigation, and Adaptation in Corn-based Cropping Systems) was a multi-state transdisciplinary project supported by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture (Award No. 2011-68002-30190). Research experiments were located through the U.S. Corn Belt and examined farm-level adaptation practices for corn-based cropping systems to current and predicted impacts of climate change.

Refer to the parent data set for a complete explanation of sites and practices studied. The data found here are a subset of the parent data specifically developed for the Agricultural Research Data Network with csv and json files for easy ingestion into crop models. No data have been altered from the parent files although they have been reconfigured substantially to enable alignment with the ICASA dictionary. Data have also been subset to include variables of particular interest for the audience with pesticide operations, insect populations, and soil moisture data not included here.

Parent Record
Release Date
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Area
POINT (-92.1967 38.8914)
POINT (-85.16 40.266)
POINT (-94.4952 42.7477)
POINT (-95.5383 44.3469)
POINT (-95.5504 44.3727)
POINT (-89.353 43.298)
POINT (-92.2019 38.8892)
POINT (-92.2089 38.9042)
POINT (-92.205 38.8792)
POINT (-92.1053 38.5794)
POINT (-95.5593 44.3387)
POINT (-83.7667 41.2167)
POINT (-93.7806 42.0094)
POINT (-93.75929 42.02133)
POINT (-85.3684 42.4145)
POINT (-90.7887 42.8297)
POINT (-90.0982 44.761)
POINT (-84.4352 42.6293)
POINT (-81.7942 40.3703)
POINT (-81.782 40.3675)
POINT (-81.7796 40.3671)
POINT (-81.787 40.3649)
POINT (-90.7273 40.9308)
POINT (-90.8212 39.8011)
POINT (-85.54 39.0258)
POINT (-91.4829 41.1938)
POINT (-84.0843 40.5559)
POINT (-83.0424 40.0181)
POINT (-81.8433 40.7813)
POINT (-81.9064 40.7635)
Ag Data Commons
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location
Minnesota, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin
Temporal Coverage
January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2015
Contact Name
Abendroth, Lori J.
Contact Email
Public Access Level