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Unit process data for field crop production version 1.1

The release of the LCA Commons Unit Process Data: field crop production Version 1.1 includes the following updates:

  1. Added meta data to reflect USDA LCA Digital Commons data submission guidance including descriptions of the process (reference to which the size of the inputs and outputs in the process relate, description of the process and technical scope and any aggregation; definition of the technology being used, its operating conditions); temporal representatives; geographic representativeness; allocation methods; process type (U: unit process, S: system process); treatment of missing intermediate flow data; treatment of missing flow data to or from the environment; intermediate flow data sources; mass balance; data treatment (description of the methods and assumptions used to transform primary and secondary data into flow quantities through recalculating, reformatting, aggregation, or proxy data and a description of data quality according to LCADC convention); sampling procedures; and review details. Also, dataset documentation and related archival publications are cited in the APA format.
  2. Changed intermediate flow categories and subcategories to reflect the ISIC International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC).
  3. Added “US-” to the US state abbreviations for intermediate flow locations.
  4. Corrected the ISIC code for “CUTOFF domestic barge transport; average fuel” (changed to ISIC 5022: Inland freight water transport).
  5. Corrected flow names as follows:
    "Propachlor" renamed "Atrazine".
    “Bromoxynil octanoate” renamed “Bromoxynil heptanoate”.
    “water; plant uptake; biogenic” renamed “water; from plant uptake; biogenic”
    half the instances of “Benzene, pentachloronitro-“ replaced with Etridiazole and half with “Quintozene”.
    “CUTOFF phosphatic fertilizer, superphos. grades 22% & under; at point-of-sale” replaced with “CUTOFF phosphatic fertilizer, superphos. grades 22% and under; at point-of-sale”.
  6. Corrected flow values for “water; from plant uptake; biogenic” and “dry matter except CNPK; from plant uptake; biogenic” in some datasets.
  7. Presented data in the International Reference Life Cycle Data System (ILCD)1 format, allowing the parameterization of raw data and mathematical relations to be presented within the datasets and the inclusion of parameter uncertainty data. Note that ILCD formatted data can be converted to the ecospold v1 format using the OpenLCA software.
  8. Data quality rankings have been updated to reflect the inclusion of uncertainty data in the ILCD formatted data.
  9. Changed all parameter names to “pxxxx” to accommodate mathematical relation character limitations in OpenLCA. Also adjusted select mathematical relations to recognize zero entries. The revised list of parameter names is provided in the documentation attached.

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Cooper, Joyce
Product Type
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location
Models represent states that produced field crops in the ARMS survey years included.
Temporal Coverage
Intended Use
These models were developed as specific, average or generic unit process or LCI results data sets for use in “Accounting” situations (C2) as described in European Commission - Joint Research Centre - Institute for Environment and Sustainability: International Reference Life Cycle Data System (ILCD) Handbook - General guide for Life Cycle Assessment - Detailed guidance. First edition March 2010. EUR 24708 EN. Luxembourg. Publications Office of the European Union; 2010.
Use Limitations
These unit process models are aggregated to the state level. They may be aggregated regionally or nationally with proper documentation of the aggregation method.
Contact Name
Cooper, Joyce
Contact Email
Public Access Level
Preferred Dataset Citation
Cooper et. al (2013) “Unit process data for field crop production version 1.1” University of Washington Design for Environment Laboratory. Unpublished report. https://data.nal.usda.gov/dataset/unit-process-data-field-crop-production-version-11
Related Article

Cooper, J., Noon, M., & Kahn, E. (2012). Parameterization in Life Cycle Assessment inventory data: review of current use and the representation of uncertainty. International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, 17(6), 689-695. http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s11367-012-0411-1

Cooper, J., Kahn, E., & Ebel, R. (2012). Sampling error in US field crop unit process data for life cycle assessment. International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, 18(1), 185-192. http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s11367-012-0454-3

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