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Unit process data for lignin extraction in a softwood kraft pulp mill

This unit process represents the gate-to-gate production of 1 air-dried metric tonne of kraft lignin, coproduced with southern bleached softwood kraft pulp (SBSK), high voltage electricity and unrefined tall oil soap. The pulp is derived from pine or loblolly pine in a kraft pulping process at a mill in the southern United States (U.S.). Lignin is extracted via precipitation and acid washing. All flows are production weighted to kraft lignin. The SBSK pulp production technologies are an aggregation of those applied in the southern U.S. in 2013.

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Culbertson, Charles Grant
Venditti, Richard
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Southeastern United States
Temporal Coverage
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Intended Use
These data were developed for use in "Accounting" and "Micro-level decision support", situations C2 and A, as described in European Commission - Joint Research Centre - Institute for Environment and Sustainability (2010).
Use Limitations
An actual, thorough physical accounting of all material flows for the kraft pulping process was not performed. Therefore, the intended application for this life cycle inventory is limited to academic study, product development and/or project planning. These data are not appropriate for official environmental claims or reporting.
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Venditti, Richard
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Culbertson and Venditti (2016), Unit process data for lignin extraction in a softwood kraft pulp mill, USDA LCA Commons, version 1, 11/2017
Primary Article

Culbertson, C., Treasure, T., Venditti, R., Gonzalez, R.W. (2016). Life Cycle Assessment of lignin extraction in a softwood kraft pulp mill. Nordic Pulp And Paper Research Journal, 31(01), 030-040.

Related Article

Daystar, J., Reeb, C., Venditti, R., Gonzalez, R., & Puettmann, M. (2012). Life-Cycle Assessment of Bioethanol from Pine Residues via Indirect Biomass Gasification to Mixed Alcohols*. Forest Products Journal, 62(4), 314-325.

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National Institute of Food and Agriculture
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