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USDA-ARS Colorado Maize Water Productivity Dataset 2008-2011

USDA/ARS engineer Tom Trout checks out the CoAgMet weather station instrumentation. (Credit Peggy Greb, USDA/ARS)

The USDA-Agricultural Research Service carried out a water productivity field trial for irrigated maize (Zea mays L.) at the Limited Irrigation Research Farm (LIRF) facility in northeastern Colorado in 2008 through 2011. The dataset includes daily measurements of irrigation, precipitation, soil water storage, and plant growth; daily estimates of crop evapotranspiration; and seasonal measurement of crop water use and crop yield. Soil parameters and hourly and daily weather data are also provided. The dataset can be useful to validate and refine maize crop models.

The data are presented in spreadsheet format. The primary data files are the four annual LIRF Maize 20xx.xlsx files that include the daily water balance and phenology, final yield and biomass data, and crop management logs. Annual LIRF Weather 20xx.xlsx files provide hourly and daily weather parameters including reference evapotranspiration. The LIRF Soils.xlsx file gives soil parameters. Each spreadsheet contains a Data Descriptions worksheet that provides worksheet or column specific information. Comments are embedded in cells with specific information. A LIRF photos.pdf file provides images of the experimental area, measurement processes and crop conditions.

Photo credit Peggy Greb, ARS; copyright-free, public domain copyright policy.

Release Date
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Area
POLYGON ((-104.63919639587 40.446155404075, -104.63919639587 40.449159989004, -104.6345615387 40.449159989004, -104.6345615387 40.446155404075))
Ag Data Commons
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location
N.E. of Greeley Colorado; 40°26’ N, 104°38’ W,
Temporal Coverage
January 1, 2008 to December 31, 2011
Data Dictionary
Contact Name
Trout, Thomas
Contact Email
Public Access Level
Program Code
005:040 - Department of Agriculture - National Research
Bureau Code
005:18 - Agricultural Research Service