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USDA Branded Food Products Database

[Note: Integrated as part of FoodData Central, April 2019.]
The USDA Branded Food Products Database is the result of a Public-Private Partnership, whose goal is to enhance public health and the sharing of open data by complementing USDA Food Composition Databases with nutrient composition of branded foods and private label data provided by the food industry. Members of the Public-Private Partnership include:

The BFPDB includes:

  • product name and generic descriptor,
  • serving size in grams or milliliters,
  • nutrients on the Nutrition Facts Panel per serving size and 100 gram-basis, 100 ml-basis, or fluid oz-basis,
  • ingredient list, (never before captured by USDA), and
  • date stamp associated with most current product formulation.

All data will be archived, allowing for dietary trends tracking. The BFPDB allows: dietitians to provide specific dietary guidance; researchers to better link dietary intakes to disease measures; and policy makers to develop guidance which promotes public health.

New in this August 2018 release are downloadable database files (ASCII .csv and MS Access), Application Programming Interface (API), and Documentation and Download User Guide.

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Pehrsson, Pamela R.
Haytowitz, David B.
McKillop, Kyle A.
Moore, G.
Finley, John W.
Fukagawa, Naomi K.
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USDA Agricultural Research Service
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McKillop, Kyle
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Kretser, A., Murphy, D., & Starke-Reed, P. (2017). A partnership for public health: USDA branded food products database. Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, 64(1), 10-12

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Agricultural Research Service
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005:037 - Department of Agriculture - Research and Education
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005:18 - Agricultural Research Service
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