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USDA Table of Nutrient Retention Factors, Release 6 (2007)

Release 6, of this data set, replaces the previous release, Release 5, issued in 2003. The data set contains the factors for calculating retention of 26 vitamins, minerals and alcohol during food preparation. Factors for the other 25 food components in Release 4 are unchanged. Factors for total choline have been added to this release.

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Nutrient retention factors are given for a range of cooking and preparation methods such as, but not limited to, baked, boiled, reheated, broiled, pared, and drained. Methods applied were based on food type. Nutrient data are frequently lacking for cooked foods. The nutrient composition of a cooked food may be calculated from the uncooked food by applying nutrient retention factors. True retention is the term USDA has defined as the measure of the proportion of the nutrient remaining in the cooked food in relation to the nutrient originally present in the raw food (Murphy et al. 1975). Most public and private sector databases use these retention factors to calculate nutrient values when analytical data for cooked foods are unavailable. The resulting values account for the nutrient content retained in a food after losses due to heating or other food preparation steps.
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Ahuja, Jaspreet
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