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WASUIT is a computer program which predicts the

  • Salinity
  • Sodicity
  • Toxic-solute concentration

of the soil-water within a simulated crop root zone resulting from the use of a particular irrigation water of given composition and at a specified leaching fraction. It can be used to evaluate the effect of a given salinity level (or solute concentration) on crop yield and of a given sodicity level on soil permeability.

System Requirements:
WATSUIT is written in Standard FORTRAN 77 and requires ANSI.SYS installed in your CONFIG.SYS file (i.e., DEVICE=C:\DOS\ANSI.SYS). The ANSI.SYS screen commands are used to clear your computer screen. If for some reason you do not have ANSI.SYS, the program will still run but will not your screen will not be cleared. MS-DOS 2.0 or later operating system and standard IBM 360 or 1.2 kbytes diskette drives are required.

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U.S. Salinity Laboratory
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United States Department of Agriculture
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Skaggs, Todd
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Corwin, D., Rhoades, J., & Šimůnek, J. (2007). Leaching requirement for soil salinity control: Steady-state versus transient models. Agricultural Water Management, 90(3), 165-180.

AgID: 8761
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Agricultural Research Service
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005:037 - Department of Agriculture - Research and Education
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005:18 - Agricultural Research Service
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