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Annotated X-ray CT images and masks of a Forest Soil Aggregate

This aggregate was collected from the riparian oak forest at the Russell Ranch Sustainable Agricultural Facility. The aggreagate was scanned using X-ray micro-computed tomography (microCT) on the X-ray μCT beamline (8.3.2) at the Advanced Light Source (ALS) in Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), Berkeley, CA USA) using the 10x objective lens with a pixel resolution of 650 nanometers. For masks, the background has a value of 0,0,0; pores spaces have a value of 250,250, 250; mineral solids have a value= 128,0,0; and particulate organic matter has a value of = 000,128,000. These files were used for training a model to segment the forest soil aggregate and for testing the accuracy, precision, recall, and f1 score of the model.

32 files in this archive

  • soil_images train/Copy of 20200216_023747_Devin_Forest10x.h5_00000.png
  • soil_images train/Copy of 20200216_023747_Devin_Forest10x.h5_00170.png
  • soil_images train/Copy of 20200216_023747_Devin_Forest10x.h5_00250.png
  • soil_images train/Copy of 20200216_023747_Devin_Forest10x.h5_00320.png
  • soil_images train/Copy of 20200216_023747_Devin_Forest10x.h5_00452.png
  • soil_images train/Copy of 20200216_023747_Devin_Forest10x.h5_00638.png
  • soil_images train/Copy of 20200216_023747_Devin_Forest10x.h5_00800.png
  • soil_images train/Copy of 20200216_023747_Devin_Forest10x.h5_00968.png
  • soil_images train/Copy of 20200216_023747_Devin_Forest10x.h5_01142.png
  • soil_images train/Copy of 20200216_023747_Devin_Forest10x.h5_01601.png
  • soil_images train/Copy of 20200216_023747_Devin_Forest10x.h5_01928.png
  • soil_images_test/Copy of 20200216_023747_Devin_Forest10x.h5_00171.png
  • soil_images_test/Copy of 20200216_023747_Devin_Forest10x.h5_00321.png
  • soil_images_test/Copy of 20200216_023747_Devin_Forest10x.h5_00639.png
  • soil_images_test/Copy of 20200216_023747_Devin_Forest10x.h5_00969.png
  • soil_images_test/Copy of 20200216_023747_Devin_Forest10x.h5_01472.png
  • soil_masks train/Copy of 20200216_023747_Devin_Forest10x.h5_00000.png
  • soil_masks train/Copy of 20200216_023747_Devin_Forest10x.h5_00170.png
  • soil_masks train/Copy of 20200216_023747_Devin_Forest10x.h5_00250.png
  • soil_masks train/Copy of 20200216_023747_Devin_Forest10x.h5_00320.png
  • soil_masks train/Copy of 20200216_023747_Devin_Forest10x.h5_00452.png
  • soil_masks train/Copy of 20200216_023747_Devin_Forest10x.h5_00638.png
  • soil_masks train/Copy of 20200216_023747_Devin_Forest10x.h5_00800.png
  • soil_masks train/Copy of 20200216_023747_Devin_Forest10x.h5_00968.png
  • soil_masks train/Copy of 20200216_023747_Devin_Forest10x.h5_01142.png
  • soil_masks train/Copy of 20200216_023747_Devin_Forest10x.h5_01601.png
  • soil_masks train/Copy of 20200216_023747_Devin_Forest10x.h5_01928.png
  • soil_masks_test/Copy of 20200216_023747_Devin_Forest10x.h5_00171.png
  • soil_masks_test/Copy of 20200216_023747_Devin_Forest10x.h5_00321.png
  • soil_masks_test/Copy of 20200216_023747_Devin_Forest10x.h5_00639.png
  • soil_masks_test/Copy of 20200216_023747_Devin_Forest10x.h5_00969.png
  • soil_masks_test/Copy of 20200216_023747_Devin_Forest10x.h5_01472.png

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