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Yield Editor 2.0.7

Yield Editor is a tool which allows the user to select, apply and analyze a variety of automated filters and editing techniques used to process and clean yield data. The software imports either AgLeader advanced or Greenstar text file formats, and exports data in a delimited ASCII format.

Yield Editor 2.0.7 includes some of the improvements and updates that users of the software have asked to be included. It provides three major improvements over version 1.0.2. The most important of these is the inclusion of a module for automated selection of many yield filter values, as well as a couple of additional automated filter types. A legend tool has been added which allows for the viewing of multiple data streams. Finally, a command line interface language under development allows for automated batch mode processing of large yield datasets.

Yield maps provide important information for developing and evaluating precision management strategies. The high-quality yield maps needed for decision-making require screening raw yield monitor datasets for errors and removing them before maps are made. To facilitate this process, we developed the Yield Editor interactive software which has been widely used by producers, consultants and researchers. Some of the most difficult and time consuming issues involved in cleaning yield maps include determination of combine delay times, and the removal of “overlapped” data, especially near end rows. Our new Yield Editor 2.0 automates these and other tasks, significantly increasing the reliability and reducing the difficulty of creating accurate yield maps. This paper describes this new software, with emphasis on the Automated Yield Cleaning Expert (AYCE) module. Application of Yield Editor 2.0 is illustrated through comparison of automated AYCE cleaning to the interactive approach available in Yield Editor 1.x. On a test set of fifty grain yield maps, AYCE cleaning was not significantly different than interactive cleaning by an expert user when examining field mean yield, yield standard deviation, and number of yield observations remaining after cleaning. Yield Editor 2.0 provides greatly improved efficiency and equivalent accuracy compared to the interactive methods available in Yield Editor 1.x.

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United States Department of Agriculture
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Sudduth, Ken
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005:040 - Department of Agriculture - National Research
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005:18 - Agricultural Research Service