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Join us for a webinar geared toward beginner Ag Data Commons users on Wednesday, November 8 from 1-2PM EST. We will give a brief overview of the Ag Data Commons, walk users through the submission process, and have some time for questions.


The original air date of this webinar has passed, but you can view our Ag Data Commons User Instruction Series on the National Agricultural Library's YouTube channel. These video tutorials review much of the webinar's live demo content.

Webinar: Introduction to the Ag Data Commons

Time: Wednesday, November 8, 2017 @ 1:00 PM -2:00 PM EST

This webinar is a basic introduction to the Ag Data Commons. It is intended for researchers who may be submitting data to Ag Data Commons. We will focus on creating datasets and uploading or linking to data resources, rather than how to find and use datasets that others have submitted. We will cover:

• A brief overview of the Ag Data Commons system, including what to submit
• How to create and edit a dataset
• How to add a data resource
• How to submit your dataset for review
• Other tips for using the Ag Data Commons for individuals and groups

For more information please contact NAL-ADC-Curator@ars.usda.gov