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USDA LCA Commons Data Submission Guidelines

    This document provides instructions for editing and submitting unit process or product system models to the USDA LCA Commons life cycle inventory (LCI) database. The LCA Commons LCI database uses the openLCA life cycle modeling tool's database schema. Therefore, this document describes how to import and edit data in openLCA and name and classify flows such that they properly import into and operate in the database. This document also describes metadata or documentation requirements for posting models to the LCA Commons. This document is an evolving standard for LCA Commons data. As USDA-NAL continues to gain experience in managing a general purpose LCI database and global conventions continue to evolve, so too will the LCA Commons Submission Guidelines.

    The changing Midwest assessment: data and shapefiles

    U.S. Forest Service

      This data publication contains the data and shapefiles used in Potts, et al. (2004) The Changing Midwest Assessment: land cover, natural resources, and people. GTR-NC-250 from the North Central Research Station.