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Data from: Can measurements of foraging behaviour predict variation in weight gains of free-ranging cattle?

    This study examines whether four different ways of measuring daily foraging behaviour (grazing-bout duration, grazing time per day, velocity while grazing, and turn angle while grazing) were related to weight gain by free-ranging yearling steers grazing semiarid rangeland. Data include measurements interpreted from neck collars supporting a solar-powered device that measured GPS locations at 5 min intervals and an accelerometer to predict grazing activity at 4 sec intervals.

    Data from: The influence of active video game play upon physical activity and screen-based activities in sedentary children

      Includes 24 hour recall data that children were instructed to fill-out describing the previous day’s activities, accelerometer data using an ActiGraph to assess usual physical and sedentary activity, participant demographic data, relative reinforcing value data showing how children rated how much they would want to perform both physical and sedentary activities. Also includes questionnaire data regarding exercise self-efficacy, motivation for physical activity, motivation for active video game, motivation for sedentary video games, and physical activity-related parenting behaviors.