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Ag Data Commons is assisting in the initiative to get USDA Agricultural Research Service scientists registered for ORCID IDs — consistent identifiers for scientists, researchers, and authors — and to have those ORCIDs connected to ARS.

ORCID shows the impact of your USDA research and enhances discovery and access to research outcomes and products across USDA.
If you are an ARS scientist, please visit https://digitop.nal.usda.gov/orcid for more information, including training and outreach resources:

  • How to Connect an Existing ORCID iD to USDA (PDF)
  • How to Register and Connect an ORCID iD to USDA (PDF)
  • ARS Inform & Engage: ORCID Researcher IDs and Your Research 9/6/2018 (Slides in PDF on AXON)
  • ORCID Help
  • ORCID Knowledge Base
  • ORCID on Vimeo