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The following APIs are available to users of the Ag Data Commons. No API key is currently required to use these features.

DKAN Project Open Data

DKAN provides catalog features that provide endpoints for JSON and RDF in compliance with the Project Open Data requirements.

The Ag Data Commons uses the standard DKAN endpoint to provide a JSON listing of all published datasets and their metadata. We have created a customized version of that endpoint that is a filtered subset of the full data.json restricted only to those datasets with an Agricultural Research Service bureau code. This custom endpoint regenerates every Sunday and serves ARS metadata to the USDA Enterprise Data Inventory, which in turn is ingested into the United States Government data.gov catalog.

DKAN Datastore API

DKAN provides a datastore API. This API allows machine retrieval of the data contained in each tabular file in our repository. For example, to get the entire Ag Data Commons metrics data, try this example. This is a lookup by resource id of the resource belonging to the metrics dataset, which provides monthly statistics about the Ag Data Commons.

Agricultural Research Service (ARS) National Program API

The ARS National Program API counts and retrieves titles for Agricultural Research Service (ARS) datasets in the Ag Data Commons. This API also counts and retrieves datasets by keyword, particularly the National Program Numbers. The ARS National Programs page describes the National Programs and their broader categories.


The Ag Data Commons provides a means to link cited articles to PubAg. The Ag Data Commons PubAg API retrieves records that have a PubAg citation for Primary, Methods, or Related article citations.

API Dataset Records

The Ag Data Commons contains records with APIs for some of its data. There are currently three ways to find these API dataset records:

  1. Visit the search results page of the "application programming interface" NALT keyword tag
  2. Visit the search results page of the "API" user-supplied tag
  3. Visit the search results page of the resources designated as API format to see dataset records containing or relating to APIs