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Program Policy

Ag Data Commons Programs

A "Program" collects together datasets associated with a coordinated multi-investigator or multi-project research effort. Each investigator can upload their own project's data independently using the usual Submit button, but applies the relevant program tag so the datasets show up in the collection.

Program Benefits

Benefits to creating a program with the Ag Data Commons include:

  • All data tagged with the program keywords automatically appear on the program search page and are easily retrievable by the program URL (so the link could be used on other websites).
  • Programs may get exposure through links on the Ag Data Commons home page
  • Investigators can easily find data dictionaries shared by their program or clone similar dataset records as a starting point for their own submissions.
  • Programs may employ a customized set of keywords specific to their research to help filtering and searching. The Ag Data Commons only offers a single collection search page per program, but descriptive and organized search facets filter subsets of data according to user needs.

Creating a Program and Program Page

Program Requirements

To qualify for a program collection, your group should plan to publish at least 20 datasets within the first year and at least one member of your group is willing to train and serve as a moderator and subject expert for your datasets.

Starting a Program

If you would like to create a Program on the Ag Data Commons, decide what to call your program (see our existing program list on the Ag Data Commons home page for examples) and contact nal-adc-curator@usda.gov to begin the process.

What to Submit

Submit the following to create your collection page:

Program title – Submit a name for your program.
Program description – Submit 200-500 words maximum to explain the data your program contains. Include any desired links in-line with the text so our team knows where to include them.
Custom taxonomy – Submit any ideas for your custom keywords / taxonomy. You need at least one top level Program keyword. If you do not know where to start, our data curators can help after you upload several datasets to establish a theme or pattern.

Adding Datasets

Submit datasets according to usual Ag Data Commons processes. Tag your datasets with your top level Program keyword under the Keywords section of the Data Submission Form at minimum and submit the datasets for review. All published datasets with the program keyword tag will display together on your program search page and will be available at your program link. If you submitted a dataset and forgot to tag it, or created it before your program was set up, the author or program moderator can go back and edit the dataset to include the program tag.