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Biodiversity plots vegetation transects

NAL Geospatial Catalog

    Design and hypotheses. The treatments are designed to distinguish the effects of plant biomass per se from those of plant functional groups and plant species richness within functional groups.

    Dryfall deposition chemistry data

    NAL Geospatial Catalog

      Dry atmospheric fallout (dryfall) is collected monthly using an Aerochem Metrics wetfall/dryfall collector located at the LTER weather station. Each sample is analyzed for NO3, NH4, Cl, SO4, Ca, Mg, Na, K, Total N, & Total P.

      LTER Weather Station daily summary climate data

      NAL Geospatial Catalog

        Daily summary values of averages of readings of the following parameters are made which are based on data recorded on a Campbell CR10(X) data logger: maximum, minimum, and average air temperature; maximum and minimum relative humidity; total preci