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There are multiple ways to search for content in the Ag Data Commons.

Search Bar

DKAN offers a faceted search similar to CKAN. This functionality is provided by the Search API and Search API DB modules. DKAN can easily be updated to use Apache Solr to power the search using the Search API Solr module. The search bar at the top of the homepage allows users to search metadata text using the Ag Data Commons interface, and supports a full free-text search of metadata record fields. Users can type their search into the box and then choose the magnifying glass icon in the search box to retrieve results:

Sidebar Facets

Users can also filter content with the help of the sidebar facets to the left of the dataset lists. Facets include keywords, author names, funding sources, file format types, and more:

Choosing an option from the facets list narrows down the dataset records accordingly:

DKAN Datastore API

The DKAN datastore API offers search capabilities as well. This is a custom endpoint for the Drupal Services module and can be searched using a variety of functions and parameters.