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The 2017 Midwest Big Data Summer School for Early Career Researchers will be held from July 10-14, 2017 in Ames, Iowa. This summer school is designed as a one week, intensive curriculum aimed at early career researchers to get them started in data-driven research. The school will include full day lectures on topics ranging from: data acquisition, data preprocessing, exploratory data analysis, descriptive data analysis, data analysis tools and techniques, visualization and communication, ethical issues in data science, reproducibility and repeatability, and understanding of domain/context.

NAL PubAg search platform

PubAg - NAL's exciting new search and discovery system for agricultural publications - includes links to supporting datasets, including those cataloged in Ag Data Commons.

CAAFI logo

The Farm 2 Fly Program, with their Feedstock Readiness Level Evaluations, is the newest program to join the Ag Data Commons. Read more about the program!

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The Ag Data Commons was one of the open data products announced by the US Department of Agriculture at the recent 2016 Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition summit.

Ag Data Commons logo for 200 datasets

Ag Data Commons recently published its 200th dataset with many more in the pipeline. The repository/registry is becoming an important part of the agricultural/environmental information ecosystem. We now house open data for a number of recently published articles, for example: