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The Farm 2 Fly Program is the newest program to join the Ag Data Commons, with their Feedstock Readiness Level (FSRL) Evaluations. The FSRL is a communication tool for evaluating production, market, and policy maturity of feedstocks for a particular use, specifically, alternative fuel production technologies. Visit the Farm 2 Fly program page and browse some of the evaluations they have published so far. Also included is a FSRL Checklist and Report Template for performing a feedstock evaluation, as well as examples of a complete checklist and report to show what is expected. Instructions for performing an evaluation are located in the first sheet of the template.

The 2016 Evaluations Summary Table compiles the ratings for various feedstocks and can be visualized in a customized graph form on the data resource page for that dataset.

Feedstock evaluations summary chart

We are excited to welcome the Farm 2 Fly Program to the Ag Data Commons!