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About the The Agricultural Research Data Network (ARDN)

ARDN is a network of datasets which can be harmonized and aggregated using a common vocabulary and format through the use of annotations. Datasets in ARDN are connected by a common protocol for annotating data which allows these datasets, in their raw format, to be interpreted in an automated way. The goal of ARDN is to create a distributed network for harmonized crop systems research data and to make these data available through existing data portals such as USDA’s Ag Data Commons and CGIAR’s GARDIAN.

ARDN data providers have data that they wish to make available to researchers in a format that can be interpreted in an automated way. ARDN tools assist these users to “ARDN-ize” their data thereby making these datasets reusable. End users of ARDN data make use of the interoperability of these datasets and can download, combine, and transform the data into formats that can be used in modeling applications, data analytics, meta-analyses, and other quantitative uses. Currently ARDN contains mainly agronomic research data and does not (yet) include data from other agricultural domains such as livestock, pest and diseases, aquaculture, socioeconomics, or genetics. ARDN is mainly developed for quantitative data that are used in modeling and analytics. We hope that in the future, datasets are collected from the field using standardized vocabularies and ontologies so that the ARDN data annotation method is no longer needed. But until then, we offer these interoperability hacks!

For more information, please visit https://agmip.github.io/ARDN/.

Funding sources
Development of ARDN infrastructure was funded by:

  • USDA NIFA, Award #2019-67021-29921 – development of data tools, refinement of data annotation formats, implementation of ARDN on Ag Data Commons, preparation of initial ADC ARDN data
  • International Food Policy Research Institute, Research Agreement No. 2018X212.UOF – design of initial data annotation protocols and development of translator API, implementation of ARDN on GARDIAN
  • IFDC AGR DTD 08-03-2018 - VMapper testing and debugging
  • AgMIP DFID / USDA 59-3625-1-745 and 59-5030-5-018 - design of ACE format and development of original AgMIP translators for crop model users
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    ARDN Datasets

    13 datasets

    TERRA-REF Season 6 phenotypes and agronomic metadata in BrAPI format

      This data represents a small subset of the TERRA-REF release available on Dryad (LeBauer et al 2020), including harvested biomass for each cultivar, plot location, planting date, harvest date, fertilizer application, genotype / accession names and metadata, and additional agronomic management metadata for a population of Sorghum bicolor evaluated over two growing seasons. The data can be accessed through a BrAPI-compliant endpoint at terraref.org/brapi. This dataset is a snapshot of the TERRA-REF BrAPI endpoint contents, representing the minimum data and metadata required to run a crop model.

      Sustainable Corn CAP Research Data (USDA-NIFA Award No. 2011-68002-30190): ARDN Products

        ARDN (Agricultural Research Data Network) annotations for Sustainable Corn CAP Research Data (USDA-NIFA Award No. 2011-68002-30190). These data are a subset of the Sustainable Corn CAP (Cropping Systems Coordinated Agricultural Project: Climate Change, Mitigation, and Adaptation in Corn-based Cropping Systems) data specifically developed for Agricultural Research Data Network with csv and json files for easy ingestion into crop models.