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Data from: Site-specific management of cotton root rot using airborne and high resolution satellite imagery and variable rate technology

    Cotton root rot disease tends to occur in the same general areas within fields in recurring years, thus site-specific application of Topguard Terra fungicide only to infested areas can be as effective as and considerably more economical than uniform application. The overall objective of this research was to demonstrate how site-specific fungicide application could be implemented based on historical remote sensing imagery and using variable-rate technology.

    Sweet corn response to banded phosphorus in the Willamette Valley

      Six field experiments were conducted during 2012 and 2013 in the Willamette Valley, OR to evaluate corn ear yield and quality response to starter P fertilizer and whether current Oregon State University recommendations for starter P application are supported by recent data with contemporary corn varieties and production practices. While yield was not impacted by starter P fertilizer addition at any site-year, visual symptoms of P deficiency were observed at the site with the lowest soil test P value (42 mg kg-1). This research supports a 50 mg kg-1 P sufficiency threshold for modern sweet corn varieties.