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Ag Data Commons Roadmap for FY 2020

Ag Data Commons solicits input on the following roadmap for this fiscal year (starting October 1, 2019). Please share your thoughts or questions at NAL-ADC-Curator@ars.usda.gov.

Quarter 1 (ending December 31, 2019)
* Implement file integrity function
* Update curator DOI module
* Establish at least two new harvest sources
* Launch DKAN Science for general use
* Resume webinar series and other promotion

Quarter 2 (ending March 31, 2020)
* Initiate big data storage service
* Provide simpler access for peer reviewer
* Improve search functionality
* Update submission manual
* Begin issuing DOIs for external resources as per policy
* Gather stakeholder and partner input via usability testing
* Submit CoreTrustSeal application

Quarter 3 (ending June 30, 2020)
* Adjust DKAN ingest API to accept datasets from external submission sites
* Implement ORCID authentication
* Integrate with VIVO and/or other NAL systems
* Improve endpoints to ensure that all custom fields are exposed
* Add dataset and article recommendations based on artificial intelligence
* Gather stakeholder and partner input on DKAN Science

Quarter 4 (ending September 30, 2020)
* Display impact metrics on dataset pages
* Expose datasets for Google Data Search
* Begin implementation of the Agricultural Research Data Network enhancements
* Release alternative endpoints (e.g. CSW, OAI-PMH)
* Migrate DKAN Science to DKAN 2 (Drupal 8)
* Migrate Ag Data Commons to cloud if not already
* Plan improved submission form
* Begin implementation of business model