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Ag Data Commons migration begins October 18, 2023

The Ag Data Commons is migrating to a new platform – an institutional portal on Figshare. Starting October 18 the current system will be available for search and download only. Submissions will resume after the launch of our portal on Figshare in November. Stay tuned for details!

Ag Data Commons Webinar Series

The Ag Data Commons team offers occasional webinars about Ag Data Commons as well as other topics in data management and curation. To learn about our upcoming webinars, you can:

If there are any topics you want to see covered, please email us at nal-adc-curator@usda.gov and let us know. We may be able to incorporate them into upcoming webinars.

Webinar Recordings at the NAL's YouTube Channel

Did you miss a past webinar? No problem! Past webinar recordings are always available on The Ag Data Commons Webinar Series playlist at NAL's YouTube channel. Webinars presented here offer closed-captioning.

Don't know where to begin? The webinars listed below will help you start the submission process and make the most of your data sharing efforts.

Creating a Data Management Plan
Topics covered include:

  • What is a data management plan
  • Why someone would create a data management plan
  • An overview of the components of a data management plan
  • Review of an actual DMP section by section

Data Dictionaries
Topics covered include:

  • An overview of what a data dictionary is
  • Why someone might create a data dictionary
  • Review of different types of data dictionaries
  • Guidelines for creating a data dictionary

Making Data Machine Readable
Topics covered include:

  • Defining “Machine-Readable”
  • Why machine-readable data is important
  • Preferred data formats and the Tidy Data principles
  • A walk through of converting tabular data to be machine-readable