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Video tutorial: Clone a dataset on the Ag Data Commons

There are many cases where a content author wants to submit an updated version of a dataset already in the Ag Data Commons, or wants to upload a similar record to one that has already been created. If many similarities exist between an existing record and one not yet created, content authors can choose to clone one of their existing datasets as opposed to creating the dataset from scratch. As a new version, the cloned dataset has slight differences in metadata and will receive a new DOI if applicable, but most of the metadata between the original and new datasets is the same.

  • Log in with your user account

  • Navigate to an existing dataset you have created whose metadata is almost exactly the same as the dataset you want to create

  • Click on the “Clone Dataset” button at the top of the record

  • You are now on the confirmation page. Click on the “Clone” button to create the new dataset

  • A new dataset is created pre-populated with the metadata from the original dataset, but not including any resources

  • You can then change any of the fields for the newly created dataset

  • The new dataset automatically includes a pointer to the old dataset

    • If you do not want the newly cloned dataset to link back to the original dataset, while on the edit screen, navigate to the Related Content drop down and delete the content in the "Related to" fields (Title and URL). This will break the link between the old and new datasets.