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Include the following in the narrative Description field of your dataset, if applicable:

Even though some of the following have dedicated fields that allow for greater detail, we encourage summarizing them in the dataset Description field as well

  • Make sure the Description describes the data, not the project or article

  • Description of the experiment setting: location, influential climatic conditions, controlled conditions (e.g. temperature, light cycle)

  • Processing methods and equipment used

  • Study date(s) and duration

  • Study spatial scale (size of replicates and spatial scale of study area)

  • Level of true replication

  • Sampling precision (within-replicate sampling or pseudoreplication)

  • Level of subsampling (number and repeat or within-replicate sampling)

  • Study design (before–after, control–impacts, time series, before–after-control–impacts)

  • Description of any data manipulation, modeling, or statistical analysis undertaken

  • Description of any gaps in the data or other limiting factors

  • Outcome measurement methods and equipment used

Data description pointers are based on information from the following publication:

Haddaway, N. & Verhoeven, J. (2015). Poor methodological detail precludes experimental repeatability and hampers synthesis in ecology. Ecol Evol, 5(19), 4451-4454. http://dx.doi.org/10.1002/ece3.1722