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AmeriFlux ecosystem observation datasets - University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Agricultural Research Service irrigated continuous maize site

The study site is one of three fields (all located within 1.6 km of each other) at the University of Nebraska Agricultural Research and Development Center near Mead, Nebraska. This site is irrigated with a center pivot system. Prior to the initiation of the study, the irrigated site had a 10-yr history of maize-soybean rotation under no-till. A tillage operation (disking) was done just prior to the 2001 planting to homogenize the top 0.1 m of soil, incorporate P and K fertilizers, as well as previously accumulated surface residues. Since the tillage operation, the site has been under no-till management until the harvest of 2005. Following harvest, a conservation-plow tillage operation was initiated where a small amount of N fertilizer is sprayed on the residue immediately prior to the plow operation. Approximately 1/3 of the crop residue is left on the surface. The post-harvest conservation-plow operation continues as the current practice.

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Suyker, Andy
Verma, Sashi
Schimelfenig, Todd
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POINT (-96.47 41.165)
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AmeriFlux Community Goals: Quantify the magnitude of the carbon sources and sinks for a range of terrestrial ecosystems in the Americas, and how they may be influenced by disturbance, management regimes, climate variability, nutrients, and atmospheric pollutants; Advance understanding of processes regulating carbon assimilation, respiration, and storage; Collect critical new information to help define the current global CO2 budget; Enable improved predictions of future concentrations of atmospheric CO2
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Information displayed has been gathered from global maps, regional network websites, and personal communication with investigators. If you have found an error, please send us an email by visiting http://fluxnet.ornl.gov/contact with a description of the error.
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Suyker, Andy
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005:037 - Department of Agriculture - Research and Education
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005:18 - Agricultural Research Service
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