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Databases of stream measurements

Millions of dollars have been invested by 100s of natural resource organizations in past decades to measure habitat conditions, water quality, and biological attributes throughout the 5.5 million stream kilometers in the contiguous U.S. Much of those data could be used with spatial-stream models (SSMs) through NSI to develop novel insights, improve predictions at unsampled sites, perform status and trend assessments, and design efficient monitoring strategies. Brief descriptions of the following open-access stream databases and links to relevant websites and contact information are given:

  1. Biological Datasets

- MARIS (Multi-State Aquatic Resources Information System)
- NAMC (National Aquatic Monitoring Center)
- USGS BISON (Biodiversity Information Serving Our Nation)
- USGS Aquatic BioData Retrieval system

  1. Water quality and stream flow datasets

- USGS NWIS (National Water Information System)
- Interagency NorWeST (Northwest Stream Temperature)
- EPA STORET (STOrage and RETrieval)
- USGS NAWQA (National Water Quality Assessment)
- EPA NRSA (National Rivers and Stream Assessment)

  1. Miscellaneous datasets

- DATA Basin
- StreamNet