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Southern pine defoliation growth response data

This data publication contains data associated with two studies examining the effects of simulated crown scorch to the survival and growth of southern pine. Studies were done at six plantations located in South Carolina (Aiken and Branchville), Georgia (Bainbridge and Waycross), and Florida (Palatka). Data consists of tree height and diameter at breast height (dbh) measurements for 600 plantation-grown slash pine and 600 plantation-grown loblolly pine between 1986 and 1999 after varying degrees of manual defoliation (0, 33, 66, 95, or 100 percent) were applied during different seasons. The number of annual grown flushes was also recorded on two different occasions. The data also include dbh and tree height measurements, from 1993 to 2012, for 450 plantation-grown longleaf pine after varying degrees of manual defoliation (0, 95, or 100 percent) during the fall and early winter.

Release Date
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Area
POLYGON ((-84.576 33.285, -80.818 33.285, -80.818 29.648, -84.576 29.648))
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location
Plantations were located on the Department of Energy Savannah River Forest Station (SRFS) near Aiken, South Carolina (SC) and on forest industry/state forest lands near Branchville, SC; Bainbridge, Georgia (GA); Waycross, GA; and Palatka, Florida. Name,
Forest Service Research Data Archive
Temporal Coverage
April 1, 1986 to April 30, 2012
Contact Name
Weise, David R.
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Program Code
005:059 - Department of Agriculture - Management Activities
Bureau Code
005:96 - Forest Service
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