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Feedstock Readiness Level (FSRL) Evaluations

The Feedstock Readiness Level (FSRL) evaluations repository is a catalog and archive of assessments of bioenergy feedstock development. The FSRL is a communication tool for evaluating production, market, and policy maturity of feedstocks for a particular use, specifically, alternative fuel production technologies. These evaluations are performed for a specific feedstock-conversion process combination and for a particular region. FSRL evaluations complement evaluations of Fuel Readiness Level (FRL) and environmental progress.

The evaluations are intended to be used for two purposes: first, to enable stakeholders to identify gaps where further research, development or investment may be needed to facilitate readiness of a particular feedstock for a given conversion process, and second, to allow parties interested in developing alternative fuel facilities to understand what feedstocks may be available in the near term in a particular region.

A tabular summary of the existing evaluations can be found in the Resources section below, within which you can link to individual reports. Individual reports are also listed below in Evaluations and/or can be accessed via the search function or by filtering for tags listed at left.

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Summary of FSRL Evaluations in the Repository – a table of available evaluations and results, with links to the original submissions (these can be found under “Evaluations” below).

FSRL Checklist and Report Template - This document provides the FSRL checklist and report template for performing a feedstock evaluation, as well as examples of a complete checklist and report to show what is expected. Instructions for performing an evaluation are located in the first sheet of the template. A completed FSRL evaluation can be submitted to info@caafi.org, and we will contact you for more information.

A Feedstock Readiness Level Tool to Complement the Aviation Industry Fuel Readiness Level Tool - This is a peer-reviewed publication on the FSRL tool.

Alternative Jet Fuel Readiness Level Tools for Alternative Jet Fuel – The Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative (CAAFI®) website has the original FSRL and other fuel readiness tools for understanding and evaluating alternative jet fuel maturity.

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