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Ensure that remotely stored and linked resources are indeed data and not just links to web pages or articles. The Ag Data Commons can accommodate many types of related and linked data, but it is important to include each type of information in the appropriate fields. Use the following guideline to determine where information should be included.


Data should be included as a Resource. Data are materials like tabular data, tools, images, etc. that the user can download and use.

Do not include previously published data as direct upload resource. Link to the published version of that data instead. DOIs will not be issued by the Ag Data Commons unless data is uploaded locally and originally published by the Ag Data Commons.

Other materials

Any remote materials that are not data can be included in the appropriate category:


Articles should be included in the Citations field (Primary, Related, Methods).

  • Unless an article is no longer available and it is not a copyright violation to reproduce it publicly, articles should only be included in the Citations section.
  • Include DOI and AgID when able so there is a persistent link.


URLs should be included in the Related Content field.

  • This field is intended to link to outside resources that provide additional context to the dataset. Examples are group web sites, blog posts, remote images, webinars, videos, etc.
  • This will cover any remote web page that is not data.
  • This field allows a title and URL.
  • If an explanation is needed for the linked web site, it should be included in the dataset description.

If a piece of supplemental material is not data but is a direct upload, verify that it belongs with and adds value to the data. As long as the item is not published elsewhere, it can be added as a resource if it is a suitable supplement to the data.