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Introduction to GeoData webinar

Introduction to GeoData Webinar
Tuesday, September 25 @ 1:00 PM -2:00 PM EDT

The original air date for this webinar has passed, but you can view a recording for Introduction to GeoData at our YouTube webinar playlist.


Join us for our next webinar where we give an introduction to GeoData, NAL's geospatial data catalog.

We will review:

  • An overview of GeoData, what types of information it includes, and how to use the catalog
  • General best practices for filling out the metadata form, including mandatory and preferred fields
  • Controlled vocabularies, covering some of the primary thesauri and taxonomies and reviewing how they work within the GeoData system
  • Reusable components - what type of information is already in the system and how to populate the fields automatically
  • Submitting records for review - how to move through the workflow to get a record published
  • And have time for questions


Each month we offer a webinar with topics ranging from introduction for new users to topics with a more targeted focus. We also leave time for organized question and answer periods. To join us for any of the upcoming webinars, you can:

  • Email NAL-ADC-Curator@ars.usda.gov. We will mail the join information to you for this and future webinars.
  • Check back here in the news section for the next webinar's connect information. Please note each meeting number will be different.

If there are any topics you want to see covered, please let us know. We may be able to incorporate them into upcoming webinars.

Upcoming Webinar Schedule:

Tuesday, October 23 @ 1:00 PM -2:00 PM EDT

To view past webinar recordings visit the Ag Data Commons Monthly Webinar Series page or Ag Data Commons Monthly Webinar Series playlist on NAL's YouTube channel.