Long Term Agroecosystem Research Overview

Agriculture faces tremendous challenges in meeting multiple, diverse societal goals, including a safe and plentiful food supply, climate change adaptation/mitigation, supplying sources of bioenergy, improving water/air/soil quality, and maintaining biodiversity. The LTAR network enables long-term, trans-disciplinary science across farm resource regions to address these challenges. The goal of this research network is to ensure sustained crop and livestock production and ecosystem services from agroecosystems, and to forecast and verify the effects of environmental trends, public policies, and emerging technologies. Ultimately, LTAR is expected to provide a wide array of clients, partners, and stakeholders with four basic outcomes:
  1. Agroecosystem productivity is sustainably enhanced by the development and application of new technologies
  2. Mitigation and adaptation of agroecosystems to climate change is improved by more accurate predictions of resource responses to system drivers
  3. Stronger linkages to other long-term research networks improves conservation and environmental quality in agricultural landscapes
  4. The socio-economic viability of, and opportunities for, rural communities are enhanced through educational outreach by LTAR scientists and collaborators
For the fully interactive version of this LTAR data explorer visit https://ltar.nal.usda.gov.

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Transect Soil Mineralization Potential (Initial)

Soil mineralization was examined on the control and fertilized treatment transects in association with the vegetation biomass study. Data set contains soil moisture correction factor, sample weight, total inorganic nitrogen (NO3+NO2-N), and nitrogen in ammonium (NH4-N) for Week 0 of nitrogen mineralization potentials.…

Long-term Agro-ecosystem Research Initiative

Hydrology natural runoff plots - runoff

OVERVIEW This is the Jornada Long Term Ecological Research site data base for the 2 x 2 meter natural rainfall-runoff plots. There are 4074 plot-events or observations in the data set. Of those 4074 observations, 2745 contained precipitation values greater than zero or contained precipitation…

Long-term Agro-ecosystem Research Initiative