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Genomes & Annotations Data: Genome Resources for the Ex-type of Phytophthora citricola, and well-authenticated isolates of P. hibernalis, P. nicotianae and P. syringae

    Four draft Phytophthora genomes resources are described for the Ex-type of P. citricola BL34 (P0716 WPC) (118 contigs for 50 Mb), and well-authenticated specimens of P. syringae BL57G (P10330 WPC) (591 contigs for 75 Mb), P. hibernalis BL41G (P3822 WPC) (404 contigs for 84 Mb), and P. nicotianae BL162 (P6303 WPC) (3984 contigs for 108 Mb) generated with MinION long-read High-Throughput Sequencing (HTS) technology.

    Data from: Genome resources for seven fungal isolates that cause turfgrass dollar spot disease, including Clarireedia jacksonii and C. monteithiana

      Ascomycete fungi in the genus *Clarireedia* are responsible for dollar spot, one of the most destructive and costly diseases affecting turfgrasses worldwide. Almost all grasses grown as turf are susceptible to dollar spot, including many high value grass species commonly used for golf courses. This Ag Data Commons dataset provides the genome sequences for seven isolates of *Clarireedia* fungi that cause dollar spot disease, including sequences of the two most widespread species, *C. jacksonii* and *C. monteithiana*.

      Data from: Whole Genome Sequences of the Raspberry and Strawberry Pathogens Phytophthora rubi and P. fragariae

        Phytophthora rubi and P. fragariae are two closely related soil-borne oomycete plant pathogens that exhibit strong morphological and physiological similarities but are specialized to infect different hosts of economic importance, namely, raspberry and strawberry. Here, we report the draft genome sequences of these two Phytophthora species as a first step toward understanding the genomic processes underlying plant host adaptation in these pathogens.

        Data from: Genome sequence of the chestnut blight fungus Cryphonectria parasitica EP155: A fundamental resource for an archetypical invasive plant pathogen

          The ascomycete fungus *Cryphonectria parasitica* is the causal agent of chestnut blight disease. This deadly fungal pathogen was introduced into North America from Asia before the turn of the 20th century, quickly spreading throughout the natural range of the American chestnut tree. This dataset provides data about the EP155 genome assembly, including scaffold summaries, genetic maps, mitochondrial DNA, P450s, secondary metabolite clusters, vegetative incompatibility genes, and transposable elements.