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Video tutorial: Submit your dataset draft for review on the Ag Data Commons

Once you have finished editing your dataset record and uploaded or linked all your data and resources, you must save and submit the dataset and data resource drafts for review so that they can be approved and published. Note that each dataset AND data resource you create must be submitted for review separately. You can submit your datasets and data resources for review in one of two ways.

Submit one or more datasets or resources for review from the “My Drafts” page

This method makes the most sense if you want to submit multiple datasets for review at a time, or are submitting a dataset that does not need further editing.

  • Click on “My Workbench” in the menu bar to see all of the datasets you have created

  • Click on “My Drafts” in the menu bar to see all published and unpublished datasets you have created - there will be a circle with a number in it noting the number of items in this category

  • To submit a single dataset, find the dataset in this list that you wish to submit for review, and in the right hand column click the “Submit for Review” button

  • To choose more than one dataset to submit for review, click the checkbox to the left of all datasets you would like to submit, and then click the “Submit for Review” button at the top of the list

  • To submit all of your drafts for review at once, click the “Select all items on this page” and when a checkbox appears next to every dataset, click the “Submit for Review” button at the top of the list


Submit a single dataset or resource directly from the dataset that needs review during the editing process

This method makes the most sense if you are submitting a dataset for review immediately after you finish editing it. Note, the dataset or data resource draft must first be saved at least once in order to submit it for review.

  • Click on the dataset you would like to edit and submit for review (either from the “Datasets” page view or “My Workbench” view)

  • Edit the dataset as needed

  • When finished editing, click on either "Revision information" / “Moderation State” at the bottom of the page above the “Save” button, or on “Moderate” in the menu bar at the top of the page

  • In the dropdown menu, select the moderation state “Needs Review”

    • From the dataset view:

    • From the Moderate view:

  • Click “Save” or “Apply”, respectively, to move the dataset into the queue for moderation

An ADC curator will now review your dataset and either approve it for publication or inform you of any changes that must be made prior to publishing. You will receive an email notification when the status of your dataset changes in any way. The ADC reserves the right to refuse publication of a dataset for any reason.