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Before submitting your dataset for review, check the following items to ensure your dataset is described and formatted the best way possible:

General Submission Checklist

✔ Ensure all acronyms and abbreviations are spelled out

✔ Check for typos

✔ If the Title is based directly on a paper, use the “Data from:” convention

✔ Make the Title descriptive - Include locations, dates, and informative keywords, if applicable

✔ Make sure the Description describes the data, not the project or article

✔ Make sure the Summary is filled in and consists of an appropriate sentence to represent the dataset

✔ Include Geographic / Temporal Information and Use Limitations, if applicable

✔ Add Author IDs. ORCID - When you click on an author’s name, their ID will be everything after https://orcid.org/ - for example 0000-0003-0569-0808. If no ORCID exists, check USDA ID, then Scopus and ResearcherID. Often multiple IDs will exist, choose the first one available in this order.

✔ Provide a Contact Name and Contact Email

✔ Choose an appropriate License (Note that funding sources affect the type of license assigned to the dataset)

✔ Add Bureau / Program Codes if appropriate - If ARS funded, these should be 005:18 / 005:037, respectively

✔ Add Funding Source(s) and Project or grant number

✔ Add User-supplied tags (this usually requires subject area research). Add Latin names for plants/animals as user-supplied tags. Add National Program Number (e.g. NPxxx) if applicable (ARS-specific) in this field.

✔ Add Program hierarchy tags if appropriate

✔ Make sure the following fields are populated to reserve a DOI: title, author, publisher, contact name and email, and product type (dataset, etc)

Resource Review Checklist

✔ Submit appropriate resources (data, not just figures), preferably in a machine readable format (csv is preferred for data files; XLS can be converted and added as an additional CSV resource)

✔ Provide a Description of the data file

✔ Review resources to ensure they contain column headers, that file titles are meaningfully descriptive, and that all links / downloads work as advertised

✔ Check the Graph and Grid boxes if your data is tabular / Check the Map box if data is geospatial with coordinates / Check the Embed box to provide a link to data visualizations created from your data

✔ Provide a Data Dictionary / read me file

When Finished...

✔ Change Moderation State on your dataset AND each resource file to "Needs Review" when ready to publish